The Secrets Of

Time Travel

Welcome to The Secrets of Time Travel. In Secrets, two scientists, once friends but now bitter enemies, one helped by the forces of heaven and one by the forces of hell, frantically search for the same scientific secrets that in the wrong hands can be used to lead millions to eternal damnation. The need to find the secrets escalates as Sivvius, guided by his so-called friends from beyond, draws perilously close to finding the secrets first and using them for his evil cause. In the midst of the epic struggle, a supporting cast of highly eccentric scientists adds a delicious touch of zany humor, while one of them wants to use the secrets they unearth to help him find his long-lost love.

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Advance Praise for the book from Paul D. McCarthy, New York Times hardcover bestselling author and editor of nine #1 New York Times bestselling authors, including Nelson DeMille, Clive Cussler and Stephen Coonts: “With remarkable and rare imagination, originality, and dramatic and spiritual power, James Warchol creates in his novel a world which compels us to go more and more deeply into it, and journey with his characters on their epic and harrowing travels.”

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Paul D. McCarthy

New York Times hardcover bestselling author

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